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Aluminium WindowsAt Newmar, we provide a high quality Polyamide thermally broken Unitized Window Wall System.  Our  Fixed/Casement and Awning windows are designed primarily for new Residential Mid and High Rise construction.

Our system is adaptable for 3 types of glazing options without having to change the main profiles:

– 1”/25mm IGU for typical glazing
– 1.5”/38mm IGU for acoustical glazing
– 1.5”/38mm IGU for triple glazed requirements

  • Newmar Window Wall Systems are designed with a drain screen principal. The horizontal frame members cavity in combination with weep holes allow condensation to drain out the exterior of the window.
  • The depth of the window frame ( 143 mm/ 5-5/8”) provides structurally superior resistance to shearing forces and the ability to withstand higher wind loads as well as extend over larger spans.
  • Newmar Window Wall is designed to achieve optimal thermal performance by minimizing exposed aluminum on the exterior and using polyamide thermal breaks.
  • Our modular and unitized window system is completely versatile and can be installed as a simple or complex cladding system in concert with vision glass, metal or insulated panels and spandrel glazing.
  • It also includes by-pass and curved wall applications, and glazing is performed from inside the structure for convenient maintenance access.
    Newmar products are designed and engineered to comply with Ontario and National Building Code Standards.
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